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Anna Moi
Monday, July 09, 2007 01:21 GMT

Dear Rana, You did not know why you never returned to visit your piano teacher, and I had no idea why I did not read your "Piano teacher" piece earlier. It is a major piece of literature, very moving, very compelling, reaching far beyond the story of a piano teacher. You made guesses about your behavior. I am making mine: I think you were very closely linked to my last novel, "Violon", which I needed to part from in order to propel myself into something else. I was somewhat in mourning and as Hilda, you were part of the ceremony. Sorry about that !

Stephanie Binfield
Thursday, September 13, 2007 12:36 GMT
Teddy Bor
My name is Stephanie and I studied under that lovely man a quarter of a century ago - how is he now??? If anyone knows, please tell him that an old pupil, where all hope was lost, went on to be an orchestral violinist and I am know living in Scandinavia and work as Headteacher for a specialist music school... God Bless him....

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